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Do you love sitting around a campfire, or cooking with fire as much as we do. Introducing a revolutionary new way to start a fire, every time quickly and effortlessly.
When it comes to fires, we have many options available from gas, charcoal, heat beads, and wood. Apart from gas, lighting a fire can be tricky and time consuming. Use of everyday firelighters although cheap, sometimes produce fumes or smoke that isn't pleasant. Also you can only use them once.
Finally there is a cheap, cost effective, eco-friendly alternative. A clean burning reusable firelighter combined with methylated spirits that burns odorless and can be used again and again. Not only used as a fire lighter, you can use them to cook a meal with no other fuel source. Just place them on a solid non-flammeable surface light them up and place your pan right on top.
After many uses the firelighters will break down back into their natural form. All you need to do is crumble them up and place in your garden as it is very good for your soil and plants.
We have many videos of our product and Its uses, we stand behind our product and so will you after you try EVERFIRE.

Pictures don't lie, and neither do we.