About Us

Our Story.

I came upon a piece of this product that is used in the construction industry and manufacturing.

After asking some questions I became fascinated by the product itself.

The journey began in late 2011.

I started to play.

It has been a long journey with many mistakes and many people who helped me along the way.

Tawab, Barry, Ray, Peter, Kevin Jenny and Steve have all assisted in one way or another.

Without them we would not be where we are.

I had such a belief in the ability of this product to light fires.cook food without pollution.

A survival kit must have.

With 4 liters of methylated spirits and a couple of EVERFIRE firelighters you can keep warm cook and light a fire.

Not a lot of weight to carry around maybe 4Kgs.

I am still on a journey looking for improvements wherever possible and still experimenting.

Finally a big thanks to Jamie who has taken EVERFIRE to the next stage of marketing online.