Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Normally 10-12 minutes. When cooking only with EVERFIRE firelighters by placing the pot or pan directly onto the firelighters you can increase the burn time to around 17-20 minutes.

We recommend methylated spirits or ethanol as it is clean burning, with no fumes or smoke emitted while burning. Otherwise you may use any accelerant of your choice, but always be cautious and store in container of choice in a safe location out of the reach of children. Watch our accelerant tests.

It is made from a 100% natural mineral which is used in various industries and it's totally environmentally friendly.

We have found by the firelighters third use it will give you the longest burn time.

No, just place the firelighters back into your storage container and top up with the preferred accelerant.

No, return the firelighter to it's container with accelerant. Let it soak for about 30 minutes. Remove the firelighter, light it and let it burn out, repeat this process a couple of times and your EVERFIRE firelighter will be as good as new again.

No, in open fires it is not necessary, just remove after fire is cold or the next day, return to its container and top up with preferred accelerant. In some scenarios if it is easy to remove, you can. This will increase the overall life of the firelighters.
In closed fires like Coonaras, or indoor fires, start the fire with the firelighters towards the front of the fire. After about 15-20 mins remover firelighter and place somewhere safe to cool. Once cold return to storage container.

In all webers, fire pits, BBQs, Spits, open fires, or anywhere you need to light wood, heat beads, charcoal, or even to use by themselves to cook or create a heat source.

The big ones use between 50-70ml per charge. The small ones between 25-50ml. If you remove the firelighter from the fire and put out with a damp cloth, you will use less than a complete burn.

Depending on how you look after your firelighters, you should easily get 30+ fires. After it cracks it is still usable. You can extend the life of your firelighters by removing them from your fire after about 20 minutes. Also allowing it to cool down totally before placing back into the accelerant, will prevent premature cracking.

Yes, just by adding a few drops of citronella oil to the metho will help.

Yes by using a hacksaw blade