Step 1: (first use only) Place firelighters in a container of choice and cover with liquid fuel of choice (our recommend fuel is Methylated Spirits). Leave to soak overnight (preferably 24 hours)

Step 2: Place an EVERFIRE Firelighter in the BBQ, Spit, Weber, or Open fire.

Step 3: Arrange wood, heat beads, or charcoal on top of the EVERFIRE Firelighter.

Step 4: Light the EVERFIRE Firelighter. 

Step 5: After the fire is out, sift through the ashes to find the EVERFIRE Firelighter. Remove, and allow to cool. (Optional) After your fire is underway, if possible remove the EVERFIRE Firelighter to prolong its life. Place on a non-flammable surface, and allow to cool.

Step 6: Once cool, place the EVERFIRE Firelighter back into container of choice and top up with chosen liquid fuel.

Step 7: After approximately 30 mins your EVERFIRE Firelighter will be ready to go again.

WARNING: Always store safely, and keep out of reach of children.

Note: Performance and life of EVERFIRE Firelighters may very depending on time allowed to soak, choice of liquid fuel used, and time spent inside the fire.