Life's Walk

When you walk in someone's shoes
You have to feel their pain
You have to feel their happiness
And life gone down the drain

When you walk in someone's shoes
Take time to understand
How they trod the path of life
When no one held their hand

When you walk in someone's shoes
Be kind and say a prayer
For one day you might take their walk
With hope someone will care

Until you walk in someone's shoes
You cannot make the call
You cannot judge their actions
Or if they failed at all

We trod the path beside you
And tried to understand
Not in your shoes but next to you
In death we held your hand

Our Gods

If all the gods from all religions
Got talking through the clouds
The world would have an endless smile
No poverty or shrouds

If the leaders of the world today
Cared more for you and me
They would not sell their guns of war
To make some more money

If all of us who care for all
Could join hands across the seas
Feel each others pain and needs
How happy we all would be

If you could just Imagine
Like Lennon years ago
The world would shake with happiness
No sorrow,tears or woes

So tell your leaders what you think
Take them all to task
Tell them to lead not follow
The rich mans bloody arse

Problems Gone

When will it all come to an end
When will their be respite
When can I be free of pain
In the darkness of the night.

When will I be understood
Someone feel the pain in me
Live my life just for once
Don't give your grief to me.

Talk to me as if you care
Not down upon the ground
Give me hope and not despair
Make me feel I'm whole and sound

Hold me like a parent should
Don't feel ashamed of me
For I am yours and you are mine
For all eternity

Give me love I'll give it back
I can snap and be cranky too
But I'll understand your other side
If you understand mine too


Look into a mothers eyes
Tell me what you see
As her baby sits upon her lap
Crippled with disease

Look into the chasm
That divides the rich and poor
Greed and obscene possessions
Always wanting more

Look into your leaders face
Tell me what you see
A puppet with some promises
But no delivery

Look into a poor mans eye's
Ask him what he sees
Another day of hoping
But continued misery

Look into the future
The rich man is now dead
Greed and his possessions
Did not help him in the end

Look into my naked heart
Ask the question now of me
Could I have made a difference
Damn right life blinded me